“Always do the very best you know how & everything will be alright”

Glare Control, Inc. Glare Control, Inc.

My Mother loaned me the $100.00 needed to seize the opportunity to be my own boss, and by doing so she helped create a small business which has grown and prospered on customer satisfaction and goodwill. Indeed almost 29 years has passed since what would eventually become Glare Control, Inc. had it’s exceedingly modest start.

Today as I write my first blog, I do so in her memory and honor. I am John Schimmoeller, Founder & President of Glare Control, Inc. and the youngest son of the late Erwin and Elizabeth Schimmoeller. I was fortunate to be given a strong foundation by my hard working parents. I think of them often and revel in the wisdom they shared.  “Always do the very best you can and everything will be alright” has been the mantra for running my business. It’s been a solid one, and I know our customers appreciate that.

Thank you for reading this and for your interest in our products.