Safety & Security Film for Kentucky Schools

Active Shooter Mitigation from 3M - A Company You Know and Trust
Building codes require schools to have tempered glass at the entrances. The problem is tempered glass shatters into small, harmless fragments; easily penetrated by an active shooter in seconds. So, your doors may be locked, but your door glass won’t slow an armed intruder down. 3M Safety & Security Films are engineered to mitigate this problem. Applied opposite the force on your existing glass, 3M Safety Films can delay, deter, and possibly deny access to an active shooter.

3M Safety Film Can Make Kentucky Schools Safer

Watch this short video to learn why 3M Safety Film has been identified as an affordable and effective measure that school systems in Kentucky can invest in to deter forced entry through glass.

Impact Protection Attachment Systems for Safety & Security Film

3M Impact Protection Adhesive attachment system is applied along the perimeter of each window to anchor the filmed glass to the window frame. It creates a structural bond to capture and absorb the impact energy. Watch this short video to learn why Impact Protection Adhesive attachment systems are an important component of an integrated school security sytem.

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